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Hunter Douglas Blinds develops Solar Shading Solutions CPD

2015-12-22 17:08:02

Hunter Douglas Blinds develops Solar Shading Solutions CPD

Hunter Douglas Blinds, the UK’s prime supplier of internal and external systems for solar shading, is passing on its wealth of industry-leading expertise in the form of a RIBA-approved CPD.

The detailed and informative module tackles the issue of sun control in sustainable buildings and is built around Hunter Douglas’s 50-year track record of providing innovative and bespoke solar shading solutions for both internal and external use.

Hunter Douglas Blinds, part of the Hunter Douglas Architectural Projects division in the UK, has called on the expertise of Wouter Beck, Director Greentech for Hunter Douglas Europe and a member of the board of directors at the Active House Alliance, to put together the CPD.

Simon Barratt, senior specification manager for Hunter Douglas Blinds, explained that the Solar Shading Solutions CPD highlighted the importance of sustainability and the challenges of designing, manufacturing and installing products to meet the exacting standards of such projects.

“Through this CPD users will learn about the effects of solar radiation on the indoor climate of a building and how that impacts on the energy balance of that building,” he added. “They will also understand how solar shading affects this.”

The CPD also provides an overview of current EU regulation and the requirements of LEED and BREEAM.

When it comes to providing products for sustainable construction projects, those companies supplying solutions need to be aware of certain challenges, such as designing products that: enhance comfort; reduce energy use; make use of the right type of materials, reduce the environmental impact of business operations; and help clients conduct business in a socially responsible way.

The CPD includes an explanation of some of the key factors that need to be considered when specifying internal and external solar shading solutions for buildings, including the seasonal changes and the aspect and environment of the site itself.

There is also an explanation of terminology used in relation to solar shading, along with the benefits of the various types of systems currently available.

Finally it highlights the importance of choosing the right solution for internal and external projects through a series of case studies involving Hunter Douglas Blinds’ bespoke systems.

Hunter Douglas’s systems are designed to improve indoor environmental quality and conserve energy. These systems help create built environments that are comfortable, healthy, productive, and sustainable, with the added benefit of providing the privacy required for this redevelopment.

The company’s engineering and production processes minimise environmental impact while meeting the highest standards for a wide variety of applications.

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