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Hunter Douglas's creative design helps studio team

2015-12-22 17:08:02

Hunter Douglas's creative design helps studio team

A creative design studio with a specific problem involving sunlight and screen glare provided Hunter Douglas Blinds with the opportunity to install an innovative solution.

The Studio 4 is based on the top floor at Grosvenor House in Telford and natural light is important in the studio environment. However, at certain times of the day the location and height of the sun caused problems for the creative team, flooding the offices with too much direct sunlight.

The company also encountered difficulties when using the boardroom for presentations, bright sunlight making it almost impossible to use a projector and display designs effectively.

The solution provided by Hunter Douglas Blinds, the UK’s leading supplier of internal and external systems for the control of light and glare, was an EOS roller blind system fitted to each office window. The EOS system is flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of styles and sizes and in Telford twenty large and four small roller blinds were required.
The system is also easy to install so the Hunter Douglas Blinds specialists caused minimum disruption to the studio team during fitting. The completed system enables The Studio 4 team to enjoy natural light without the sun causing an unwanted distraction.
“The position of the sun during the height of the summer is not such a problem, but as it dips lower during the rest of the year it is hitting us through all our display windows at different points during the day,” explained The Studio 4 director Matt Curbishley.

“This leads to a real problem with glare and the blind system installed by Hunter Douglas Blinds allows us to block the sunlight out in particular windows when it causes a problem whilst still allowing us to enjoy enough natural light through the rest of the windows.

“We had a particular problem when delivering presentations in the boardroom, but the system we now have makes that space so much better and adaptable too.”

The innovative EOS roller blinds have been designed especially for project application, defining and controlling heat, light and views. The Studio 4 solution is manually operated, allowing the team to adjust each individual window covering to the right height depending on the sun’s location during the day. It also enables the team to fully retract the blind on cloudier days and allow as much natural light to flood into the studio as possible.

The patented clutch system can be switched from left to right depending on individual need or preference and comes with a locking device for easy and safe use
EOS, in common with all of Hunter Douglas’s solutions, offers superior control and can be designed as a fully automated system. The high-performance fabrics used in the Telford offices contribute to the push towards sustainability, effectively managing solar heat protection and diffusing incoming light to provide significant savings in energy use.
All fabrics used are fire retardant and can be tailored to suit particular requirements, such as openness factors – in the boardroom at Telford, for example, blocking all sunlight to aid with multi-media presentations was regarded as a priority. The in-built flexibility of EOS means that neighbouring windows can have different specifications and whatever the size of the blinds the heavy duty systems with integrated levellers prevent skewing.

The blinds can be front or back rolling and the cassette is a natural aluminium or colour-coded extrusion, making it durable and not intrusive. They can also be fixed to a wall or ceiling, a side fixing can also be designed if necessary.

The systems are easily adaptable, from single offices to large public areas, all available with a wide choice of high-performance shading fabrics developed using the latest advances in textile technology.

Hunter Douglas Blinds manufacture and supply a wide range of solutions. Roller blinds are extremely adaptable and particularly suitable for commercial applications where there is a need to control solar glare and light transmission through the window.

In Telford, it has provided a design-led solution to a design-orientated client that is innovative, practical, durable and will aid The Studio 4’s continued growth by helping to provide a comfortable, healthy, productive and sustainable working environment.

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