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Child Safety Blinds Information

If you have a premises where children under the age of 42 months are present or likely to have access you must install blinds which are compliant with the child safety requirements. We believe this applies to all public buildings and the publicly accessible areas of commercial buildings.

Child safety is a key aspect when designing our range of blinds. We are one of the few commercial blind companies that conform to EN13120. Our child safety blind solutions look to create an attractive environment that is safe for the people who use it. It is important when installing blinds in a child environment that you also look to maintain the following guide points.

Child Safety Blinds Guide Points:

  • Young children can be strangled by loops in pull cords, chains, tapes and cords that operate the product.
  • To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep cords out of reach of young children. Cords may become wrapped around a child's neck.
  • Move cots and furniture away from window covering cords.
  • Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist and create a loop.

For more information on Child Safety Blinds,
please click here to download the fact sheet from the BBSA.

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