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Thermal control and comfort

The primary function of exterior window shading is to create both thermal and visual comfort for the occupant of the building.

Managing thermal comfort is a key factor in achieving good indoor environmental quality and a sense of well being for occupants. As more and more buildings are constructed with substantial areas of glazing, developing strategies that enhance natural daylight, reduce glare and regulate thermal gain are essential in managing thermal comfort and save energy.

The use of external awnings is an ideal way to provide shade to an external area as well as preventing solar gain by protecting the glazed area being exposed to direct UV-radiation.

Folding Arm Awnings
School play areas, shop windows, patios and garden terraces are the ideal places where folding arm awnings can be successfully used. Available in a wide range of colours, fabric patterns and sizes, folding arm awnings have become very popular in both the domestic and commercial markets.

Drop arm awnings
A simple, but very effective solar shading solution, the drop down awning looks very attractive on multi-storey office developments, where its distinctive design will enhance the aesthetics of the building.

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