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Brise Soleil

Architectural style and function

Our Brise Soleil range blends style and functionality, bringing a distinct look to a building's exterior while providing shade and comfort to the people inside. Our high-quality materials produce dependable louvre systems, which can be projected from the facade, parallel to the facade or otherwise designed in relation to the angle of the sun. Hunter Douglas Brise Soleil systems offer excellent design, functionality and comfort:


  • Performance - Optimal shading performance and easy to adapt to specific project requirements.
  • Economic value - Highly durable products, designed for fast and efficient installation.
  • Green characteristics - Our systems increase personal comfort level and decrease energy consumption.
  • Aesthetic product - Colours, shapes and details offer unparalleled design freedom.
  • Ease of use - All louvre systems require very little maintenance and the adjustable system can be fully controlled by the building management system.


All panel systems are based on roll formed or extruded single skin panels and are fully integrated and available with a variety of support structures.
Options include both horizontal projected and vertically mounted plus a variety of different panel sizes and pitches that ensures an optimal choice can always be found.

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Brise Soleil

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