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Roller Blinds

keeping the heat out

Keeping the sun's heat away from the external glazed window area is the most efficient way to reduce solar gain within the building. External roller blind systems do exactly this by shielding the entire glazed surface of the window from the sun. Made using the finest quality components and strong and resilient fibreglass fabrics, they allow the occupants to see out through the transparent screen, retaining visual contact with the outside whilst preventing heat and too much light from entering the building. This twofold benefit makes the building far more efficient by reducing the need for cooling of the air internally and improving the working environment by significantly reducing glare.

External roller blinds are normally motorised and can become an integral part of the building with the potential for them to be concealed within the building structure and therefore practically invisible when rolled up. They can easily be controlled by the Building Management System allowing them to be automatically deployed when required for thermal or visual reasons or retracted during high winds or for cleaning purposes.

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