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Pleated Blinds

soft and stylish control

In commercial buildings with large glass areas in both windows and roofs it is essential that light and heat can be controlled to create an ideal working environment. Pleated & duette cellular blinds are the perfect solution for sloped, triangular and trapezoidal shaped openings with complex window and roof designs where other systems may not be suitable. It is this ability to shade awkward shaped windows and fit unusual installations that has helped to create a niche in the commercial market for this soft style of blind.

The pleated fabrics offer a soft and unobtrusive appearance. They use a microscopically thin rear coating of aluminium which gives them excellent sunscreening and light regulating properties. The result is a range of fabrics with varying degrees of transparency. The more transparent and semi transparent offer high reflection values to reduce heat and glare and have the benefit of retaining the view outside, whereas the non-transparent fabrics provide superior levels of solar protection creating an ideal environment for concentrated computer use.

There is an extensive range of models with special solutions for tensioned blinds to suit almost any window shape. A range of flexible control systems is offered including manual and motorisation. Electric operation using low voltage 24v motors can be controlled by a wall switch, remote control or automated systems with solar detectors and timers for controlling blinds in groups or centrally.

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