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Rooflight Blinds

Efficient and flexible blackout blind system for internal use

Hunter Douglas Multistop & Multistop Cassette are spring tensioned roller blind systems that can be locked precisely in any required position and is designed for fitting to slanted rooflight windows as well as small/medium size standard windows. The systems are suitable for light screen or blackout type fabrics in addition to those used for standard roller blind applications.

The hand operated controls use a simple friction device to lock the blind at the precise height required, leaving the fabric evenly tensioned between the roller tube and bottom rail. The cassette and matching side channels give an aesthetically pleasing finish to this easy to fit products.

Hunter Douglas 1800 OL is an efficient and flexible blackout blind system for internal use specifically designed for applications where a horizontal or slanted blind is required e.g. rooflight windows, glazing in pitched roofs, atriums or similar. The system is especially suitable for concealed installations in a recess or above a ceiling when provision is made for this at the design stage of a project. The advantage of a concealed installation is that the blind hardware will not be visible when the blind is operated. The dimension and configuration of the individual components such as the blind box, side channels and bottom channels are adapted to the type of installation and size of blind installed

Several control options are offered with the Hunter Douglas 1800 OL system. Manual control using a rod operated gearbox is a simple and low cost solution for smaller blind sizes and installations where the blinds are accessible. Electric operation is available for high level or inaccessible installations and large areas of glazing, or where the blinds need to be grouped and centrally controlled. An FTS system is also available with Hunter Douglas 1800 OL Blackout Blinds, using a motor at each end of the blind. This is particularly suitable for large Applications skylight windows and areas of high level glazing in atriums where it is important the fabric is held under tension at all times.

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